ODH 6:30 am Lexington Sober by Grace 2 Militia Dr. 2 Militia Dr
OD 6:30 am Eastham First Light Chapel in the Pines 220 Samoset Rd
OD 6:30 am Bellingham AA Awakenings How It Works Club 176 Mechanic St
OBB 6:30 am Hyde Park Big Book Thumpers Most Precious Blood Church 25 Maple St
OD 6:30 am Groveland Positive Start St. James Church 119 Washington St
ODH 6:45 am Marlborough Early Risers Addictions Referral Center 33 Main St
ODH 6:45 am Martha's Vineyard Open Discussion Baptist Parish House 66 William St
OD 6:45 am Newton Jump Start D.C.R. 107 Charles St
OBBH 7:00 am Worcester Daily Choice 236 Lincoln St. 236 Lincoln St
OD 7:00 am West Bridgewater Just For Today 24 South Clubhouse 320 W Center St
ODH 7:00 am Worcester 7A Group 95 Lincoln St. 95 Lincoln St
O12 7:00 am Danvers Eye Opener All Saints Episcopal Church 46 Cherry St
OD 7:00 am Gloucester Cape Ann Early Bird Baptist Church 38 Gloucester Ave
OD 7:00 am Lynn Recovery Club House 33 Spring St
ODH 7:00 am Orleans Drop In Center Wednesdays at 7:00 AM Drop In Center 26 Giddiah Hill Rd
ODW 7:00 am Cambridge Morning Glories Women (W) First Congregational Ch., 11 Garden St. 11 Garden St
OD 7:00 am Norwood Sunny-side Up Grace Episcopal Church 150 Chapel St
OD 7:00 am North Andover Bill's Drive Thru No. Parish Church 190 Academy Rd
OBB 7:00 am Boston On Awakening Old South Church Old South Cathedral
ODH 7:00 am Quincy Fort Sq. 11th Step Presbyterian Church 16 Pleasant St
OD 7:00 am Framingham Reflections SMOC Building 7 Bishop St
OSD 7:00 am Boston Rise & Shine St. Francis House Shelter 39 Boylston St
OD 7:00 am Leominster Primary Purpose St. Mark's Church 60 West St
OSD 7:00 am Abington Early Bird Dawn Patrol United Church 10 Bedford St
OD 7:00 am Newton Reflections United Church Auburndale 64 Hancock St
O12H 7:00 am Provincetown 12 Step United methodist Church 10 Shank Painter Rd
ODH 7:00 am Amesbury What's Good About Today Unity on River 58 Macy St
OD 7:00 am Kingston Early Bird Gratitude VCF Church 8 Hilltop Ave
OD 7:15 am Brewster Grateful Living United Methodist 701 Airline Rd
O12 7:30 am Boston Back Bay Steps Arlington Street Church 351 Boylston St
OD 7:30 am Pocasset Hit The Deck Community Building 314 Barlows Landing Rd
OSD 7:30 am Boston Sahara Sunrise Harvard Vanguard 147 Milk St
OD 7:30 am Falmouth Each Day a New Beginning John Wesley Methodist Church 270 Gifford St
OD 7:30 am Centerville Hour of Power Lady /Victory 230 S Main St
OD 7:30 am Marion Eye Openers St. Gabriel's 124 Front St
OD 7:30 am South Boston Early Bird St. Monica's Hall 331 Old Colony Ave
OD 7:30 am Rockport BYOC United Methodist Church 39 Broadway
O12 7:30 am Wareham There is Hope Wesley United Methodist Church 462 Main St
OD 8:00 am New Bedford AM Recovery 360 Coggeshall St. 360 Coggeshall St
DO 8:00 am Attleboro It's a New Day Cameron Building 68 Falmouth St
OD 8:00 am Leominster Eyeopener Unitarian Universalist Church 15 West St
OD 8:00 am Brookline Daily Reflections United Parish Church 210 Harvard St
OD 8:00 am Acushnet Recovery Cafe Wesley Methodist 67 Main St
OBB 8:30 am Milford Eye Opener Congregational Church 2 Congress St
OD 8:30 am Gardner Unity in the Morning Faith Lutheran Church 627 Green St
O12T 8:30 am Scituate Seaside St. Mary's Parish Hall 2 Edward Foster Rd
OD 8:30 am Osterville Sobriety First St. Peter's Episcopal 421 Wianno Ave
OBB 9:30 am Malden Road of Happy Destiny Club 24 787 Salem St
O12M 9:30 am Hyde Park Men's Step Men (M) Knights of Columbus 12 Wolcott Ct
OD 9:30 am Bridgewater Let's Give It Away St. Thomas Parish Center 103 Center St
OD 9:30 am Concord The Right Place Trinity Church 81 Elm St
OD 10:00 am Brockton Fellowship Central United Methodist 65 W Elm St
O12W 10:00 am Wakefield Wakefield Sisters In Step Women (W) Emmanuel Episcopal 5 Bryant St
OD 10:00 am Stoughton Can./Stoug. Wed. Am United Methodist Church 103 Pleasant St
OW 10:00 am Amesbury Daily Reflections Women (W) Unity on River 58 Macy St
OD 10:30 am Andover Serenity Christ Church 33 Central St
OBBH 10:30 am Plymouth Fore & Aft Christ Church Parish Hall 149 Court St
OH 10:30 am Lawrence New Beginnings Riverside Church 290 Water St
OD 11:00 am Hyde Park Constant Vigilance Knights of Columbus 12 Wolcott Ct
OD 11:30 am South Boston Keep The Spirit St. Monica's Hall 331 Old Colony Ave
OD 11:45 am Fall River SOS First Baptist Church 228 N Main St
O Noon Boston Ashburton: no hol or 3rd wed 20 Ashburton Pl. 20 Ashburton Pl
OSD Noon West Bridgewater Out to Lunch 24 South Clubhouse 320 W Center St
DO Noon Quincy It's In The Book A New Way Recovery Center 85 Quincy Ave
OD Noon Clinton Keep The Faith A.I.R. 256 High St
OD Noon Marlborough Addictions Referral Center Wednesdays at 12:00 PM Addictions Referral Center 33 Main St
OD Noon Attleboro Keep Trying Advent Christian Church 560 Pleasant St
OD Noon Danvers Road To Recovery All Saints Episcopal Church 46 Cherry St
ODH Noon Attleboro Desire to Stop Cameron Building 68 Falmouth St
DO Noon Cambridge Cambridge Meditation Christ Church 0 Garden St
OSD Noon Malden Noon Club 24 787 Salem St
O12 Noon Foxborough Daily Winners Community Center 382 South St
OD Noon Newton Norumbega D.C.R. 107 Charles St
ODH Noon Chelsea Sober As A Judge District Court 120 Broadway
OD Noon Framingham Daily Drop In Center 62a Kendall St
ODH Noon Orleans Drop In Center Wednesdays at 12:00 PM Drop In Center 26 Giddiah Hill Rd
OSDH Noon Nantucket Open Speaker Disc. Drop In Center Gouin Village & Vesper Ln
OSD Noon Maynard Now Eagles Club 65-67 Nason St
DO Noon Cambridge Beginner's Meditation Episcopal Divinity School 99 Brattle St
OSDH Noon Gardner Mid Day Faith Lutheran Church 627 Green St
OSD Noon New Bedford Daily Reflections Faith Ministries 848 Mt Pleasant St
DO Noon Framingham Midday Release First Baptist 1013 Worcester Rd
ODH Noon Norwood First Baptist Church Hall Wednesdays at 12:00 PM First Baptist Church Hall 71 Bond St
ODH Noon Charlestown DAAT First Church 10 Green St
OD Noon Nantucket Noon First Congregational Church 62 Centre St
OD Noon New Bedford Seaside Serenity First Congregational Church 2195 Acushnet Ave
BBOH Noon Cambridge Gratitude Harvard Episcopal Methodist Church 1555 Massachusetts Ave
OD Noon Allston Overdue Hill Memorial Church 279 N Harvard St
OD Noon Wilmington Haven Methodist Church 87 Church St
OD Noon Bridgewater Step Methodist Church 35 School St
ODH Noon Concord Sobah Camel Monument Hall 62 Monument Square
OD Noon Gloucester As Bill Sees It Our Lady of Good Voyage 142 Prospect St
OD Noon Milton Farm Parkway United Methodist Church 158 Blue Hills Pkwy
OD Noon Waltham Day At A Time Presbyterian Church 34 Alder St
OH Noon Newburyport Seaside Serenity Presbyterian Church 29 Federal St
ODH Noon Haverhill New Jericho Noontime Safe Haven 127 How St
OSDH Noon Lowell Spark of Hope Alcohol Only St Rita's Parish 158 Mammoth Rd
OD Noon Lowell New Last Gaspers St. Anthony's Church 908 Central St
OBBH Noon Haverhill St. John Baptist Wednesdays at 12:00 PM St. John Baptist 110 Lincoln Ave
O12 Noon Norfolk Daily Steps St. Jude's 86 Main St
ODH Noon Burlington Top of the Hill St. Margaret's Parish Hall 111 Winn St
OD Noon Falmouth Revelation St. Patrick's 511 Main St
O12 Noon Blackstone 12 Golden Steps St. Theresa 630 Rathbun St
ODH Noon Boston Copley Noontime Trinity Church 206 Clarendon St
OD Noon Canton Noontime Trinity Church 1 Blue Hill River Rd
OD Noon Leominster High Noon Unitarian Universalist Church 15 West St
O12H Noon Provincetown 12 Step United methodist Church 10 Shank Painter Rd
ODH Noon Wareham Here and Now Wesley United Methodist Church 462 Main St
OD 12:15 pm Braintree Primary Purpose Emanuel Episcopal 519 Washington St
OBB 12:15 pm Chelmsford Journey Church Wednesdays at 12:15 PM Journey Church 9 Academy St
OSD 1:00 pm Boston Lunchtime Boston University Marsh Chapel Room 735 Commonwealth Avenue
OD 2:00 pm Lowell Screwy Twoey Shelter 193 Middlesex St
OD 3:30 pm Gloucester Beginner's Addison Gilbert Hospital 298 Washington St
ODWH 3:30 pm Boston Women's Discussion Women (W) Rosie's Place 889 Harrison Ave
OD 4:00 pm Malden Happy Hour Club 24 787 Salem St
OD 4:30 pm Melrose The Promises First Congregational Church 121 W Foster St
OD 5:00 pm West Barnstable Fellowship Works 1717 Meeting House Church 2049 Meetinghouse Way
OD 5:00 pm Harwich 5 Alive 400 East Plaza 1421 Orleans-Harwich Rd
ODH 5:00 pm Dennis Live at Five Church of Nazarene 209 Upper County Rd
ODH 5:00 pm Orleans Drop In Center Wednesdays at 5:00 PM Drop In Center 26 Giddiah Hill Rd
OD 5:30 pm Nantucket Happy Hour Drop In Center Gouin Village & Vesper Ln
ODBB 5:30 pm Pocasset Roots & Causes First Baptist Church 292 Barlows Landing Rd
O12 5:30 pm Fall River Turn It Over First Baptist Church 228 N Main St
OD 5:30 pm Sandwich Pause for Serenity St. John's 159 Main St
OSD 5:30 pm West Bridgewater Joy is in the Journey Today Club House 465 N Main St
OD 5:45 pm Boston Arch Street Arch St. Chapel 100 Arch St
OSDG 6:00 pm Boston Laundry 74 Kilmarnock St 74 Kilmarnock St
OSDW 6:00 pm Attleboro Circle of Friends Women (W) Cameron Building 68 Falmouth St
OD 6:00 pm Boston Park St. Beginners Park St. Church 1 Park St
O12H 6:00 pm Boston Project 12 Project Place 1145 Washington St
OSD 6:00 pm Marlborough 11th Step Meditation The Recovery Connection 31 Main St
OD 6:15 pm North Andover Lawrence Orig. 1st United Methodist Ch. 57 Peters St
ODH 6:15 pm Ipswich Always A Beginner First Church in Ipswich 1 Meetinghouse Green
DMO 6:30 pm Boston North End Men's Men (M) 14 N Bennet St
ODH 6:30 pm Oak Bluffs Came to Believe-Living Sober 55 School 55 School St
OD 6:30 pm Oak Bluffs Good Shepard Parish Center 55 School 55 School St
O12H 6:30 pm Provincetown Church of St. Mary Wednesdays at 6:30 PM Church of St. Mary 519 Commercial St
OD 6:30 pm Lynn Starting Over First Lutheran Church 280 Broadway
OD 6:30 pm Brookline Solutions HRI CafŽ 227 Babcock St
OSD 6:30 pm Boston Beginners Mind Old South Church Old South Cathedral
ODH 6:30 pm Pembroke South Shore Friends Pembroke Hospital 199 Oak St
ODW 6:30 pm Framingham Women Helping Women Women (W) SMOC Building 7 Bishop St
DOS 6:30 pm West Roxbury Friendship St. Chrysostom 4740 Washington St
ODH 6:30 pm Marion New Hope St. Gabriel's 124 Front St
O 6:45 pm Boston Not Forgotten Vets Shelter 17 Court St
O12W 6:45 pm Stoughton Step Sisters Women (W) YMCA 445 Central St
OD 7:00 pm New Bedford Luz Da Noite Portuguese 157 Davis St. 157 Davis St
OD 7:00 pm Charlestown We're Not Sure Yet Administration Building 55 Bunker Hill St
ODW 7:00 pm Danvers New Beginnings Women (W) BCAT 75 Lindall St
DOH 7:00 pm West Bridgewater NOW Cochesett United Methodist Church West Bridgewater, MA 02379
O12 7:00 pm Martha's Vineyard Open Step Dukes County House of Correction 149 Main St
O*H 7:00 pm Dorchester Grace Electricians Hall 256 Freeport St
OBB12 7:00 pm Lexington BB Step Study First Baptist Church 1580 Massachusetts Ave
BBO 7:00 pm Groton Groton Big Book First Church Parish House 1 Powderhouse Rd
OSDYP 7:00 pm Haverhill Young People First Church of Christ 10 Church St
O 7:00 pm Danvers Starting Over First Church of Danvers 41 Centre St
OBB12 7:00 pm Worcester Big Book Step Study First Congregational Church 1070 Pleasant St
O 7:00 pm Brockton New Beginnings First Evangelical Church 900 Main St
OH 7:00 pm Methuen Stop Digging Forest Street Church 15 Forest St
O 7:00 pm Rockland Holy Famlly School Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Holy Famlly School 6 Delprete Ave
OM 7:00 pm Boston Hope House Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Men (M) Hope House 8 Farnham St
OBB 7:00 pm Bellingham Design for Living How It Works Club 176 Mechanic St
OH 7:00 pm South Boston Midweek Labore Center 275 W Broadway
ODM 7:00 pm Hingham Beginner Men's Discussion Men (M) Lutheran Church 916 Main St
OSDW 7:00 pm Salisbury Sober in Salisbury Women (W) Maris Center 197 Elm St
O12 7:00 pm Worcester 12 Steppers Methodist Church 114 Main St
OBB12 7:00 pm Bourne There Is a Solution Methodist Church 37 Sandwich Rd
OBB12 7:00 pm Duxbury Steps to Serenity Miramar Retreat Center 121 Parks St
OH 7:00 pm Merrimac Senior Center Wednesdays at 7:00 PM Senior Center 100 E Main St
O12 7:00 pm Hull Step Up Senior Center Atlantic Ave
O12 7:00 pm Groveland Friendship St. James Church 119 Washington St
OD 7:00 pm Leominster Young People St. Mark's Church 60 West St
OBB12 7:00 pm Newburyport Big Book Step Study St. Paul's 166 High St
O12H 7:00 pm Boston Conscious Contact St. Paul's 138 Tremont St
OSD 7:00 pm Newton On the Beam St. Paul's 1135 Walnut St
OSDH 7:00 pm Cambridge Live+Let Live Beginners St. Peter's Cafe. 96 Concord Ave
O 7:00 pm Beverly One Day At A Time St. Peter's Episcopal 4 Ocean St
O12H 7:00 pm Boston Cathedral Steps St. Stephen's 419 Shawmut Ave
OBB12H 7:00 pm Marlborough The Solution The Recovery Connection 31 Main St
OD 7:00 pm Arlington Action Trinity Baptist 115 Massachusetts Ave
OYP 7:00 pm Melrose Young People Trinity Church 131 W Emerson St
O12 7:00 pm East Bridgewater Serenity Union Congregational 105 Pleasant St
OSDH 7:00 pm Arlington Wednesday Night Unitarian Church 630 Massachusetts Ave
ODH 7:00 pm Salem Atheists & Agnostics Univ./Unitarian Church 211 Bridge St
O 7:00 pm Stoughton Phoenix Universalist Church 790 Washington St
ODH 7:00 pm Winchester Get Well Winchester Winchester Hospital 41 Highland Ave
OBB 7:15 pm Walpole BB for Beginners Union Congregational 55 Rhoades Ave
OSDYPH 7:30 pm West Bridgewater Young People 24 South Clubhouse 320 W Center St
OBB 7:30 pm Plymouth Manomet Miracles 2nd Church of Plymouth 518 State Rd
OSD 7:30 pm Arlington Turn Around American Legion Hall 370 Massachusetts Ave
BBO 7:30 pm Acton Acton Big Book Study Baptist Church 592 Massachusetts Ave
O 7:30 pm Hanover First Baptist Church Wednesdays at 7:30 PM Baptist Church 580 Webster St
O12 7:30 pm Norwood Step Forward Caritas Hospital 800 Washington St
OD 7:30 pm Lakeville As Bill Sees It Church of Nazarene 180 Main St
O 7:30 pm Dorchester St. Peter's Compass School 294 Bowdoin St
OH 7:30 pm Sharon Congregational Church Wednesdays at 7:30 PM Congregational Church 29 N Main St
OD 7:30 pm Centerville Discussion Congregational Church 565 S Main St
OSD 7:30 pm Lowell New Life Crescent House 15 Veterans Way
O12 7:30 pm Taunton Red Road Step D.A.V. 7 Taunton Green
OD 7:30 pm Dorchester Dr. Bob Dorchester House 1353 Dorchester Ave
OSDH 7:30 pm Sturbridge Lighthouse 12 & 12 Federated Church 8 Maple St
OBB12 7:30 pm Attleboro Design For Living First Baptist Church 118 S Main St
OD 7:30 pm Holliston Starting Anew First Baptist Church 40 High St
OD* 7:30 pm Marion As Bill Sees It First Congregational Church 144 Front St
O 7:30 pm Melrose By The Book First Congregational Church 121 W Foster St
OH 7:30 pm Waltham Watch City First Parish 50 Church St
OYPH 7:30 pm Lowell M.V. Young People Fusion Church 125 Mt Hope St
OBB 7:30 pm Allston Big Book Readers Hill Memorial Church 279 N Harvard St
O12MH 7:30 pm Martha's Vineyard Open Men's Step Men (M) Hillside Village, Community Building 421 Edgartown Rd
DOW 7:30 pm Easton So. Easton Work It You're Worth It Women (W) Holy Cross Parish Hall 225 Purchase St
OD 7:30 pm Weymouth You Get What You Give Holy Nativity Church 8 Nevin Rd
O12 7:30 pm Westport Lamplighters Lady of Grace 569 Sanford Rd
O12 7:30 pm Roxbury Lifetime Steps Lutheran Church 94 Warren St
OBB 7:30 pm Quincy Big Book St. Chrysostom 523 Hancock St
OH 7:30 pm Yarmouth Action St. David Episcopal 205 Old Main St
OBB 7:30 pm Framingham BB Workshop St. George, Cathedral Building 74 School St
O 7:30 pm Townsend Up To You St. John the Evangelist Parish 1 School St
OSD 7:30 pm Plymouth Back to Basics St. Mary's Parish Hall 327 Court St
OH 7:30 pm Worcester Four Corners St. Matthew's 695 Southbridge St
ODH 7:30 pm Natick Here And Now St. Paul's Hall 15 E Central St
O 7:30 pm Buzzards Bay Wednesday St. Peter's 165 Main St
O 7:30 pm Dedham St. Susanna Wednesdays at 7:30 PM St. Susanna 262 Needham St
OBBH 7:30 pm Brighton Sober Cobrah's Strathmore House 45 Strathmore Rd
ODH 7:30 pm Amesbury The Elms Wednesdays at 7:30 PM The Elms 53 Friend St
OSDM 7:30 pm West Bridgewater Men's Men (M) Today Club House 465 N Main St
OBB 7:30 pm Whitinsville Trinity Church Wednesdays at 7:30 PM Trinity Church 31 Linwood Ave
O 7:30 pm Wrentham Trinity Episcopal Church Wednesdays at 7:30 PM Trinity Episcopal Church 47 East St
OSDYPH 7:30 pm Mendon Mendin' In Mendon Unitarian Church 13 Maple St
O 7:30 pm Seekonk How United Church 596 Fall River Ave
OH 7:30 pm Westford Westford Wednesday United Methodist Church 10 Church St
OH 7:30 pm Northborough How It Works Whitney Place, Rec. Room 238 W Main St
OS 7:45 pm Maynard Bologna Sandwich Eagles Club 65 Nason St #67
OD 8:00 pm Beverly Farms Unmerited Gift Baptist Church 9 Hart St
OYP 8:00 pm Cambridge Young People First Parish Church 3 Church St
ODH 8:00 pm Lynn Kings/Queens Greater Lynn Senior Services 8 Silsbee St
ODM 8:00 pm Jamaica Plain Green St Men (M) Hope Central Church 85 Seaverns Ave
O 8:00 pm Peabody Original Knights of Columbus 96 Main St
O12 8:00 pm Boston Prince St. Mariners House 11 N Square
O 8:00 pm Westborough Forge New Hope Chapel 30 Milk St
O 8:00 pm Sherborn Pilgrim Church Wednesdays at 8:00 PM Pilgrim Church 25 S Main St
O* 8:00 pm Brockton Westgate Prince of Peace Church 906 Main St
O 8:00 pm Quincy Point Quincy Point Congregational Church 444 Washington St
OD 8:00 pm Lincoln St Anne's Episcopal Church Wednesdays at 8:00 PM St Anne's Episcopal Church 147 Concord Rd
OBBH 8:00 pm Martha's Vineyard Open Big Book St. Andrew's Parish House 51 Winter St
OH 8:00 pm Billerica Suburban St. Ann's 14 Treble Cove Rd
OD 8:00 pm Brighton B.L.T.N. St. Elizabeth's Hospital 736 Cambridge St
O12 8:00 pm Sandwich St. John's Wednesdays at 8:00 PM St. John's 159 Main St
OD 8:00 pm Fall River Boa Nova Tenement House 40 Quarry St
O 8:00 pm Marshfield Recovery Trinity Episcopal Church 229 Highland St
O 8:00 pm Upton Spirit United Parish 1 Church St
O 8:00 pm Framingham Willing to Change Wesley Methodist 80 Beacon St
ODG 8:30 pm Boston Old West Emmanuel Ch. 15 Newbury St
O 8:30 pm Milton East St Agatha Rectory 432 Adams St
O 8:30 pm Norton 1.2.3 Trinitarian Congregational Church 2 Pine St
O12 11:00 pm Boston Last Call Emmanuel Ch. 15 Newbury St