CBBG 6:00 pm Boston Big Book 74 Kilmarnock St 74 Kilmarnock St
GOHW 6:00 pm Lowell Free to be Me Women (W) The Bridge Club 33 E Merrimack St
OSDG 6:30 pm Salem Weekender Tabernacle Church 50 Washington St
CMG 7:00 pm Winchester Brotherhood Men (M) Unitarian Church of Winchester 478 Main St
ODG 7:30 pm Lowell Great Awakening Middlesex Community College 33 Kearney Square
DGO 7:30 pm Quincy A New Approach New Way Peer Recovery Center 85 Quincy Ave
OGWD 7:30 pm Wareham Living Loving Learning Women (W) Wesley United Methodist Church 462 Main St
SDGH 8:00 pm Boston Recovery 74 Kilmarnock St 74 Kilmarnock St
DGOSYP 8:00 pm Stoneham Young People First Baptist Church-Stoneham 457 Main St
GO12 8:00 pm Quincy Good Shepherd Good Shepard Church 308 W Squantum St
GOHW 8:00 pm Cambridge Sisterhood Women (W) Leslie Univ. 1815 Massachusetts Ave
CGMDH 9:00 pm Provincetown Aids Support Office Fridays at 9:00 PM Men (M) Aids Support Office 96 Bradford St
CDGH 10:00 pm Boston Say AAH 74 Kilmarnock St 74 Kilmarnock St